Free yourself from one of the most repetitive and tedious tasks.
Record and analyze your hours and comments in real time:

  • automatically - without effort and without constraint
  • by project, by task and by time period

Receive alerts - monitor amount of budgeted time used

SOLIDReporter SOLO is dedicated to a single identified user, using 1 or more computers with SOLIDWORKS®.
A SOLIDReporter SOLO license is dedicated to a single SOLIDWORKS® version (2015 or later).

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  • Eliminate the headache of trying to remember what project you worked on and for how long you worked on it
    • Streamline the essential administrative task of accurately recording your time
    • Improve the management of your time by better understanding your time
    • Avoid omissions and tedious reconstruction of your working days
    • Monitor amount of budgeted time used
    • See an analysis of your time by project, task or time period
    • Detect overages and bottlenecks more quickly and easily
    • Record and communicate your comments in real time to ensure easy follow-up
    • Produce summary reports in a matter of seconds

    • Automatically records user's times
    • Ability to password protect
    • Automatically records time allocations
      • Simultaneous assignment of projects and sub-projects
      • Customizable automatic assignment rules
      • Permanent display of the active project 
    • Classification of time by type of task
      • Automatically and dynamically recognized tasks (part design, assembly design and drawings)
      • Recognizes inactivity in SOLIDWORKS® and prompts you to categorize time spent elsewhere
      • Create custom tasks (meeting, maintenance and project follow-up with the workshop, administration, coffee break...) 
    • View and edit the last recorded hours with the ability to reassign tasks and projects
    • Set and receive alerts - monitor amount of budgeted time used
    • Add comments/notes to the currently active project in order to follow up later (reminders, ideas, questions …)
    • Standby mode of automatic recording
    • Individual reports by project, task or time period
    • Simplified summary of the current working day 

    SOLIDReporter SOLO is a SOLIDWORKS® add-in for a single version of SOLIDWORKS®, to be set at product registration (you therefore need one copy of SOLIDReporter SOLO per SOLIDWORKS® version used). This licensing policy allows us to offer free product maintenance as long as you keep the same SOLIDWORKS® version

    Your SOLIDReporter SOLO copy is dedicated to a single user identified by their email address

    Your SOLIDReporter SOLO copy can be installed on as many computers as you wish if, and only if, it is used by the same identified user (See below however: report generation is limited to 3 different computers per calendar month)

    An Internet connection is required when you install/register your copy. Its daily use does not require the Internet except at least once a month for the generation of summary reports

    Over a period of one (1) calendar month, the creation of summary reports can only be performed on a maximum of three (3) different computers

    Reminder! The time data, project ID's, tasks... are only stored on your disks and NEVER pass through our servers.

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    SOLIDReporter is an add-in for SOLIDWORKS® for the recording, management and analysis of your time, events and comments.
    Easy to use, intuitive, efficient and robust.
    Ease your mind, add-in an elephant's memory.


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